Brilliantly Crafted Album. Great variety in “feel”, tight vocal/harmony work, and strong songwriting. A solid, cohesive, and memorable record.
— Anthony Mauriello - Google Play
Not only did he write and play each part for everything you hear on the album, he also recorded, edited, and mixed it himself too. This is the definition of hard work, dedication, and natural talant. Please keep making music. I will keep buying.
— JRozz15 - iTunes
What more can be said but WOW!! An impressive debut album by an even more impressive and talented musician, who can both shock and delight you with his musical versatility and technique. Few fall into this man’s category of just pure awesome. Phenomenal album, incredible quality, and I can’t wait for the next one!! I’ve been playing this album on repeat over and over again for days and still can’t help but get caught up in it.
— MJ6 - iTunes
This is what Rock/Alt. has been missing - and now it’s back.
— MattoosProductionsDOTcom - iTunes