JELLi is all natural, fat free organic music.  (No pesticides, producers or artificial record labels added)

An album a decade in the making, "Jump Into The Fuzz" was created, performed, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by just one man:   Chris Sauter
Conceiving this album in his adolescence, and making the decision to completely execute it alone for the purpose of preserving his creative vision, Chris took many years to cultivate in himself the skill set of an entire team of musicians, producers and audio engineers.  His dedication to quality and precision in his musical endeavors is at a level far deeper than that of a typical artist, holding these songs hostage for nearly a decade and refusing to release them until he developed all the necessary skill sets to record the album right.  His dedication to quality can be heard throughout every song on "Jump Into The Fuzz".   This album, exploring and reviving every corner of the Alternative Rock genre, is as diverse as it is cohesive, providing a musical experience that runs the entire gamut of human emotion.  This is the revival of Alternative Rock.

The only way to truly explain the experience, is to listen. 

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