Chicago- unplugged & personal

Tonight was a defining night in my musical journey.  I'm on a road trip to Chicago right now and while staying here I was able to meet an "out of town" JELLi fan named Aida.  She's been listening to my music since the very first JELLi EP and I only know her through the internet, so meeting up with her in person was a truly heartwarming experience because she had all of my music on her iPod, new and old, even lost songs of mine that I almost forgot about, like "Down Up Again" and "It's Not the End".

 She made me feel like I was the king of the world when she talked, and it amazed me that someone who I never physically met before could already feel so connected to me through my art.  I performed an impromptu acoustic set for her, comprised of a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins songs, JELLi and Incubus. It went something like this:


Aida- Chicago hotel set list 5/23/14

Thru the eyes of ruby
Here is no why
Tonight tonight
Cherub rock
Down up again
It's not the end


It was an honor to play music for someone who was listening with such great respect and admiration, and I'm so grateful for that experience. After the performance ended we had a long convo about anything and everything and we finally got to know each other past Facebook. Before she left I gave her an original signed JELLi EP and a Jump Into the Fuzz t-shirt, and because of the live performance we shared, I now have a deeper connection to someone who's already felt connected to me for a long time. 

 This night added a new dimension to my headspace that I've never quite felt before this way..  I'm excited to give more intimate low key performances like this for people who want to listen, in addition to lots of people in bigger venues when the opportunities arise.  

JELLi live is starting to take shape. 







I'm here.. right now

 "little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting.."

It feels wonderful, to finally be connected to the present moment. For a decade I was only half here..  I was living with with pressure of finishing Jump Into The Fuzz, alone, and was constantly consumed with what task I had to work on next.

 Whether it was the complex harmonies in Autolife, the double guitar solo at the end of New Ground, or the never-ending sporadic drum variations of Glassman; it was an inexhaustible list that kept me from fully connecting to anyone and anything in front of me.

But, its over..  it's permanently over.  The music is out of me and into you. The blood is rushing back to my senses. 

Im sitting here in a restaurant, drinking sangria and eating some saucy chicken tetrazzini dish, and the only thing on my mind is sitting here, drinking sangria and eating some saucy chicken tetrazzini dish.   

I'm Here..  Right now.



The JELLi "Back In Black" AC/DC cover is BUZZIN'

JELLi's cover of the AC/DC song "Back In Black" typically gets between 2,000 - 4,000 plays per month, which was pretty good.  But, it's been picking up over the last two months.   It's now averaging 3,000 plays per WEEK. The month of February brought 6,000 plays, and March doubled that at 12,000.  Pretty cool.. It's now averaging 500 plays daily.  If you haven't heard it, check it out below, and spread it!